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To My Kids: I Care About What You Think of Me

Jesus is the Savior

The Bitterly Cold Weather Reminded Me of This

The Moment of Truth

God the Gift Giver and How the Thorny Devil Lizard is an Example of God's Design

Racism and Hatred

“Conversions in Acts” — What did they do to become Christians?

Did You Think to Pray?

Conversions in Acts” — What did they do to become Christians?

Earth’s Greatest Problem

“Conversions in Acts” — What did they do to become Christians?

Christmas on a Sunday and Thinking about our Worship

Did Fame Change Jesus?

“Conversions in Acts” — What did they do to become Christians?

Mike Leach Taught Us An Important Lesson

When We Could Not Help Ourselves, Jesus Came to Help Us

The Christian's Hope Does Not Lead to Disappointment

Christians, Do You Glory in Your Tribulations? You Should

Improving Bible Study and the Case of Cornelius

Did Jesus Ever Offend Anyone?

Seeking Safety?

A Plea to Sunday Morning Only Christians

Amazing News About the Christian's Hope

Standing in the Grace of God

Do You Want to Have Peace with God?

Promotion Monday: Interesting Facts about the End Times and Discussion about Abortion

The Pride of Religious Leaders

Restoring the Erring

Goliath Was Not What He Seemed

Where We've Been Through the First Four Chapters of Romans

The Crediting of Righteousness to Abraham and to Christians

The God Who Is Greater Than Your Biggest Problems

Monday Promotion: How to Maintain Thanksgiving in Your Life

Podcast Episode: The Time Jesus Stopped a Funeral

Shall We Continue in Sin?

How Many Apostles Did Jesus Have?

How Strong Is Your Trust in the Promises of God?

Why Did God Make the Promise According to Grace?

If We Are Made Heirs by the Law, Then Faith is Empty and the Promise is Meaningless

Promotion Monday: 25 Interesting Things About Faith and the Thief on the Cross

What If Jesus Wasn't Raised from the Dead?

“Conversions in Acts” — What did they do to become Christians?

When You've Messed Up Big Time, God Still Wants You

Will You Miss Out on the Promise God Made to Abraham?

The Blessings of the Gospel Are for All People

In Christ Jesus, No Sin is Put Down on Your Account

Our Resurrection Body, Sin's Consequences, and a Tour of Hezekiah's Tunnel

8 Times in the Bible People Wanted to Kill Jesus

Pride Goes Before Destruction

Will There Be Degrees of Reward in Heaven?

There Are Only Two Ways to be Righteous before God.

Who is the Person Who Doesn't Need God's Grace?

Did Abraham Have Something to Boast in for Believing God?

A Mother's Hands, Sunday Observation, and a Five Minute Video

Podcast Episode 006 - Do You Exalt Jesus as Much as You Should?

“Conversions in Acts” — What did they do to become Christians?

The Most Common Phrase in the Bible Might Surprise You

If You Are Justified by Works, Then You Have Something to Boast About

The Examples of Abraham and David in Romans 4

What Does it Mean to be a Legalist?

A Slight Change in Direction Can Make All the Difference in the World

Podcast Episode 005 - Jesus is the Son of David and Abraham

“Conversions in Acts” — What did they do to become Christians?

Where We've Been Through the First Three Chapters of Romans

One God. One Faith. One People.

Your Justification Is Grounded in the Death of Jesus

Jesus is Set Forth to Demonstrate God's Righteousness

What Does Jesus Being Set Forth as a Propitiation Mean?

Jesus is the Rock That Gives the Water of Life

Talk About Him This Much

Help Me Plan Sermons for 2023

I Got to See One of My Teachers

Jesus Paid the Ransom to Justify You - and it Cost You Absolutely Nothing

God's Righteousness is Revealed Apart from the Law

After a Gloomy Start in Romans, a Change is Coming

Podcast Episode 003 - The Time Jesus Explained the Scriptures about Himself

“Conversions in Acts” — What did they do to become Christians?

You Cannot Be Justified by the Law

You Must Realize Your Own Sinfulness

You Are Not Better Than Anyone Else

Should You Sin More that God May Be Glorified?

Is God Unjust for Punishing Sinners?

Podcast Episode 002 - The Promise to Abraham is all about Jesus Christ

Conversions in Acts

Wedding Weekend!

Can You Still Trust God?

What Advantage Does the Jew Have?

Reviewing the First Two Chapters of Romans

Is Your Heart Right with God?

Jesus is the One Who Delivers the Crushing Blow

It Was Just a Mirage

What the Jews Overlooked About Circumcision

Do You See Your Sin in the Same Light as the World's Sin?

God Will Judge the Secrets of Men by Jesus Christ

Just Because You Have the Scriptures Doesn't Mean You Will Be Judged Differently

God Will Judge Each Person By What They Have Done

Why Was Abraham the Right Example of Faith to the Jews?

If You Continue to Reject God, You Continue to Treasure Up His Wrath for Yourself

Do You Despise the Goodness of God?

You Will Not Escape the Judgment of God

God's Judgment is According to Truth

If You Have Sinned, You Have No Defense.

How Should I Respond to the Trials of Life?

Preparing Ourselves for Romans 2.

Widespread Evil is the Result When God is Abandoned

How Homosexuality Factors into Rejecting God and Exalting Self

Those Who Suppress the Truth End Up Serving Their Own Desires

The Foolishness of Turning from the Incorruptible God to Corruptible Idols

Will The Majority of Humanity Be In Heaven?

There is No Excuse for Rejecting God

When the Truth is Suppressed

The Wrath of God Cannot Be Divorced from the Gospel of Christ

What Does It Mean that God's Righteousness is Revealed from Faith to Faith?

The Righteousness of God is Revealed in the Gospel of Christ

What Does It Mean To Abstain?

The Gospel of Christ is the Theme of Romans

Do You Think of Yourself as a Debtor to All People?

Why Did Paul Want to See the Christians in Rome?

Is Your Faithfulness to God Only Surface-Deep?

Do You Have a Faith That Encourages Others?

How Are We "Called" Today?

The 3 Ways Paul Referred to the Christians in Rome

What Was the Church in Rome Like?

The Gospel of God Offers Something to Us

The Gospel of God is All About His Son Jesus Christ

The Gospel of God Was God's Plan All Along

What Did Paul Mean by Separated to the Gospel of God?

Paul, a Called Apostle of Jesus Christ

Paul Introduces Himself as a Bondservant

We Are Going to Begin a Journey Together Through the Book of Romans

The Time Jesus' Followers Told a Man to Stop Trying to Get the Lord's Attention

How Comforting It Is to Know That God Hears Our Prayers from the Beginning

Even God's Own People Can Overlook Something Major in God's Word

Would You Still Rejoice in the Lord Even if You Lost Everything?

Technology Cannot Replace In-Person Fellowship between Christians

Who Can You Encourage Today?

The Pages of Your Life Are Being Written

Is Social Media Encouraging You to Become a Fool?

The Best Way to Prevent a Flood is to Control the Water

The Time People Treated the Preaching of God's Word like a Concert

3 Positives and Negatives of Attending a Preaching School

How the Biblical Narrative Provides Evidence that the Bible is God's Word

7 Things You Are Missing Without a Church Family

Did You Know There is a Type of Faith in which Jesus Has No Faith?

The Coronation of the King

Admitting Your Struggles is the First Step to Receiving Help

The Importance of Honoring Elders in the Lord's Church

How Should Christians Treat Each Other?

One of the Most Comforting Passages in the Bible

Did You Know Christians Were Once Thought to be Cannibals?

Teaching and Preaching God's Word Requires the Humility to be Simple

Be Careful What You Think of What Others Wear to Worship

How Hard Are You Praying for Christians?

Who is the Head of the Church?

Are You Remembering to Tell God Thank You?

What Did Jesus Teach About Divorce?

There is a Time to Work

Will You Change Your Life if You Don't Like Where You're Going?

The Danger of Classifying Sins as "Great" and "Small"

Why is Jesus Called the Lamb of God?

The Price of Freedom

Why Did Jesus Speak So Strongly Against the Scribes and Pharisees?

Anyone Can Convince Themselves That They Are Right

Why Was Jesus Baptized?

Be Careful Not to Think too Highly of Yourself

Does God Want You to Know Him?

Who Do You Turn To With a Sin Problem?

Those Who Spread Lies Never Get What They Want

What Does the Phrase "churches of Christ" Mean?

Any Fool Can Start a Fight

Are You Honoring God with Your Wealth?

When Life Seems Out of Control, Focus on What You Can Control

There's an Idol in the Church

This Fire Near Athens Reminded Me of What the Bible Says About Our Words

4 Things to Remember When Studying the Bible with a Non-Christian

5 Reasons Why Jesus Was Rejected

Is This the Most Overlooked Part of Bible Study?

Do You Know Someone That Needs Prayers?

What Did John Mean When He Called Jesus "the Word?"

Which One of These Three People are You?

What If a Non-Christian Came to Worship?

Centered on Christ Will Soon Include Videos and Podcasts

Why Is There So Much Fighting in the World?

Is it Impossible for You to Learn?

What Would the Bible be Missing Without the Gospel Accounts?

The Time Jesus Called Two Men from the Political Left and Right

Comparing the Beginning of John and Genesis

There Are a Lot of Hurting People in This World

Who Needs Prayers?

Don't Delay to Do Good Today

Can Jesus Depend on You?

Which Did the Will of the Father?

Will You Listen to Jesus Above Everyone Else?

Jesus' Warning to Teachers and Preachers

What are Your Children Learning from You?

Who is Your Barnabas?

The Day Two Blind Men's Lives Were Changed

When Jesus Taught About the Importance of Marriage

How Many Loaves Do You Have?

Are You Really Hearing Jesus?

6 Concerns of a Godly Mother for Her Son

Nasdaq's Worst Month Since 2008 is a Reminder Not to Serve Wealth

The Significance of Jesus Coming to Live Among Us

How Did Jesus Teach His Disciples to be Fishers of Men?

How Does God Call People to be Saved Today?

Does Your Faith Stand in God's Power or Man's Wisdom?

Did You Know Getting Wisdom is Connected to Your Attitude?

The 7 Powerful Statements of Jesus from the Cross

Jesus is the Eternal Word

Why Is There So Much Division in Christianity Today?

A Little About a Missionary in Canada

The Christian Life Should Be Full of Joy

There is No god but the LORD

Are You Heartbroken Over Those Who Reject Christ?

5 Accusations Jesus Brought Against the Scribes and Pharisees

The Top 10 Most Mentioned Names in the Bible

A Key Verse from Every Book of the Old Testament

Thinking About "Refuse to be Abused by Opinions"

A Key Verse from Every Book of the New Testament

To Question the Importance of the Old Testament is to Question the Importance of Jesus Himself

The Most Useless Thing in the Universe is a Christian Who Isn't Living Like Christ

What Did Jesus Mean by "You Are the Light of the World?"

What Did Jesus Mean by "You Are the Salt of the Earth?"

Does Persecution and Suffering Turn Your Thoughts Toward Heaven?

The Preacher Is Not the Most Important Member of the Church

What is the Difference Between Contentment and Complacency?

The Greatest Rivalry of All Time

The Cycles of Life Highlight the Emptiness of Life

How to Divide the 66 Books of the Bible into Groups

Are You Praying for the People who Mistreat You?

Does True Happiness Come From the Internal or External?

Do You Think About Whether Something is Better Left Unsaid?

The Christian's Life Should Be Focused on Eternity

The Christian's Motive in Life is "For Christ's Sake"

The Christian is Unlike Everyone Who is Not a Christian

5 Proverbs Solomon Shares with His Son

The Lord's Servant Must Be Kind To Everyone

How is Jesus like Jonah?

Being Greedy is a Sure Way to Destroy Your Life

Jesus: The Lion Who Must Be Feared

The Time Jesus Cried Over the People Who Would Reject Him

The Time Jesus Refused to Play Politics

The Time Jesus Refused a Crowd's Attempt to Make Him Their King

Do You Think About the Impact Your Life Has on Others?

Jesus Christ Holds the Universe Together by His Word

What the Elect of God Must Put On

What Do You Love?

Sometimes Doing the Right Thing Will Get You in Trouble

Answering a Question About If God Would Help in the Horrible Situation Between Russia and Ukraine

Is a College Education Likely to Undermine the Faith of a Student?

The Blessing of Being Together with Christians

In the Middle of Chaos, Look to God

The Comfort of Walking in the Light

When the Enemy Surrounds God's People

When God Laughs at the Nations

Are You Like A Tree or Dust in the Wind?

Even the Sky Glorifies God

You Learn a Lot About Someone by the Way They Treat People Who Serve Them

Is Your Heart Right with God?

What Does it Mean to be Poor in Spirit?

Love for Jesus Should Motivate Us to Obey Him

Are You Planting a Crooked Row?

You Are an Essential Member in the Body of Christ

Lord, Help Us To Be Like Little Children

Jesus is the Great Physician

Encouragement to Start Your Week

Who Are You Working For?

Don't Praise Yourself for Your Accomplishments

How Does God Want Christians to Use Wealth?

The Time Jesus Refused to Answer Someone's Question

Would You Exchange Your Soul for Anything?

Lead Me to the Rock That Is Higher Than I

A Christian Must Leave Sin Behind

Jesus Comforts You So That You Can Comfort Others

The God Who Loves Flowers

What Will You Do With Your Life?

How Many Churches Belong to Jesus?

Jesus Came to Seek and Save the Lost

God Doesn't Want You To Be Alone

Do You Really Love the Church?

4 Kinds of Words the Christian Should Use

6 Kinds of Words the Christian Should Not Use

Jesus Loves You This I Know, For the Bible Tells Me So

The Comfort and Peace of Psalm 23

The Lord's Church Is at Her Best with a Godly Eldership

3 Ways to Describe the Word of God to Someone

Barnabas: The Son of Encouragement

7 Important Lessons About Selfishness From King Saul

When the Chosen King Hid Among the Baggage

How Wicked Leaders Can Motivate People to Make Ungodly Demands

The Time-Tested Way to Lose All Hope