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Who is at Fault?

When Things Don't Go According to Plan

Paul Discusses His Mission Work

"You Can Do It!"

Examine Yourself

6 Lessons From My Dad on His 60th Birthday

Jesus IS the Savior

Improve Your Prayer Life by Learning From the Parables

God's Faithfulness and Mercy

Paul Encourages Unity Among the "Weak" and the "Strong"

Are You Willing to Carry the Burden of Your Brother's Opinion?

Don't Fail the Test

Happy Mother's Day

Improve Your Prayer Life by Listening to Prayer from Scripture

Concerning Salvation

Will You Answer Two Questions?

Where We've Been Through the First Fourteen Chapters of Romans

Instructions to the "Strong" and "Weak" in Matters of Opinion

"Examine Me, O Lord"

God Reassures Abram of His Promises (Genesis 15)

The Macedonian Call

Improve Your Prayer Life by Learning From Jesus

What is the Role of Elders?

Do Not Destroy God's Work

Are You Building Up the Church or Tearing it Down?

What Are the Qualifications of Elders?

Who is Melchizedek? (Genesis 14:18-24)

A Centered on Christ Compilation About Marriage

A Fountain Filled with Blood

Identifying the Church

Destroying Your Brother Over Matters of Opinion Shows You Don't Love Him

Don't Cause Your Brother to Fall

Facing the Storm of False Teachers

Abram Rescues Lot (Genesis 14:1-17)

Maintaining Proper Priorities

God Created Marriage

Why Does God Allow Pain And Suffering?

You're Not the Judge. Jesus Is.

Matters of Opinion Are Not "Salvation Issues"

Remember These 3 Things When You Face Various Trials

Abram and Lot Separate (Genesis 13)

Sometimes You Need to Slow Down and Stop for a Minute

Are You Useful for the Master?

What About Special Days?

When Christians Go to War with Each Other Over Matters of Opinion

Laying Some Groundwork for Romans 14

Give Thanks to the Lord

God's Promise and Abram's Wavering Faith (Genesis 12)


Soul Winners for Jesus

"Tell Me the Story of Jesus" - What About His Resurrection?

Enter the Gates Eternal

How Technology Has Changed Preaching

Traveling to the Memphis School of Preaching Lectures

The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11)

Life in Light of the Resurrection

“Tell Me The Story of Jesus” — The Seven Last Sayings of Jesus on the Cross

Where We've Been Through the First Thirteen Chapters of Romans

It's Time to Wake Up, Get Dressed and Get Going!

Love is the Fulfillment of the Law

What Are Your Favorite Books Other Than the Bible?

Gathering Together as a Family

"Tell Me the Story of Jesus" - The Pain He Endured

Remembering Our Creator

If You Don't Respect President Biden, Then You Don't Respect God

Who is Unafraid of the Government's Authority?

Not My President?

Preacher, Your Sermon Stepped on My Toes

The Descendants of Noah (Genesis 10)

The Brevity of Life

"Tell Me the Story of Jesus" - The Approach of Jesus' Teaching

Christians During Times of Political Unrest

Where We've Been Through the First Twelve Chapters of Romans

How Do You Respond When You're Mistreated?

Made Alive Together With Christ

God's Promises and Man's Problems (Genesis 9)

Called by the Gospel

"Tell Me the Story of Jesus" - The Ability of Jesus' Teaching

4 Biblical Characteristics of Sound Doctrine

"Get Out of My Way Jesus!"

Do You Rejoice and Weep With Your Brethren?

Needs of the Church in the Twenty-First Century

God Remembers Noah (Genesis 8)

Controlling the Tongue

“Tell Me The Story of Jesus” — What About His Teaching?

Do You Bless Those Who Persecute You?

What Genuine Love Looks Like Among Christians

Are You Using the Gifts God Has Given You?

God's Plan for the Family

God Sends the Flood (Genesis 7)

Tell Me the Story of Jesus - What About His Life? (Part 2)

Faith and Works

Don't Think Too Highly of Your Role in the Body of Christ

Are You a Living Sacrifice to God?

Does the Gospel Show Up in Your Life?

"I Am the Light of the World"

God Tells Noah to Build the Ark (Genesis 6)

Looking Forward

Would You Listen to a Church Leadership Podcast?

“Tell Me The Story of Jesus” — What About His Life?

Where We've Been Through the First Eleven Chapters of Romans

Looking Into the Vast Sea of God's Wisdom and Ways

God's Mercy is Extended to Everyone

5 Reasons Why You Should Love Jesus as Your Master

The Genealogy from Adam to Noah (Genesis 5)

Tell Me The Story of Jesus: What About Jesus' Incarnation?

Facing Trials

I Want to Tell You About a Good Church

3 Things to Do in Challenging Times

Consider the Goodness and Severity of God

What's Your Favorite Bible Translation?

Cain and Abel (Genesis 4)

Warnings and Admonitions

Tell Me The Story of Jesus: What About Jesus' Birth?

How the Gospel of Christ Destroys Racism

Walking a Line Between Two Extremes

Can Jesus Save Even the Worst of Sinners?

How the Passover Points to Jesus

The Fall of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3)

What's Your Favorite Bible Verse?

The Fruits of Wisdom

3 Recurring Themes of the Gospel

Sometimes You Need to Make People Angry to Save Their Souls

Should We Give Up Hope for the Lost?

3 Reasons I Loved "Tuesdays with Morrie"

Genesis 2: Adam and Eve

Does Jesus Condemn All Judging?

Sin and Health

What Does the Bible Say About Snow?

The Story Where Every Chapter is Better Than the One Before

Are You Blind to the Truth?

How Does the Creation Point Us to Jesus?

Genesis 1: The Creation

Are You Able To Recognize But Not Willing To Repent?

5 Powerful Life Lessons from "The Happiest Man on Earth"

God Has Not Rejected His People

3 Lessons to Get Us Ready for Romans 11

Where Are All the Poor in Our Churches?

An Overview of Joel

An Introduction to Genesis

Are You A Daily Bible Reader AND Doer?

The Centered on Christ 2023 Recap

Where We've Been Through the First Ten Chapters of Romans

The Danger of Stubbornness

Will You Believe and Obey the Gospel?

New Year, New Me?