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Who Needs a Savior?

Focus on Others When You Are Suffering

The World's People and God’s People

How Can We Know the Way to God?

Are You Magnifying Jesus in Your Life?

Who Is This King of Glory?

Are You Letting Your Light Shine?

You Have Worth Because of the Price That Was Paid for You

You Have Worth Because of the Home That Is Prepared for You

You Have Worth Because of How You Are Made

Did Jesus Teach That Hell Is Eternal?

When Jesus Saw a Poor Widow Give More Than the Rich

The Time Many People Stopped Following Jesus

People Are Still Searching for God

A New Song for a New Year

4 Ways Christians Can Use Social Media to Glorify God

Does God Want You to Be Courageous?

What Did Jesus Mean By "Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged?"

The Power of Your Words

Facts Versus Feelings

How to Joyfully Live a Wise Life

Jesus Bowed to No One and Yet, Jesus Washed Feet

One of My Favorite Songs

How Does John Describe Jesus at the Beginning of Revelation?

When Nobody Believed in You, God Did.

Black Friday: The Most Ironic Date on the Calendar

8 Things to Be Thankful for on Thanksgiving Day

Have You Asked God for Wisdom Lately?

How Christians Ought to Interact with Others on Social Media

Are You Someone Who Cultivates Peace?

Be Like Jesus and Start Your Day With Prayer

You Leave Two Graves Behind When You Die

Who Does Jesus Consider to be Great in His Kingdom?

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?

Have You Done What You Could for Jesus?

6 Job Requirements for Christians in the Workplace

41 Ways for the Christian to Be Involved in the Local Church

A Biblical Application from Aesop's Fable "The Three Tradesmen"

3 Online Bible Study Resources I Use

The Time Peter Rebuked Jesus

The Great Commission From Each Gospel Account

Philippians 4:13 Doesn't Mean God Will Help Your Team Win

What You Can Learn from the Emotions of Jesus

Did Jesus Ever Feel Alone?

Four Practical Bible Study Tips

What Does Jesus Saving His People From Their Sins Mean?

Four Ways Jesus Helps You Every Day

What Does Jesus Think of All the Religious Division Today?

Watch Out for the Roaring Lion

Christian, Are You Scolding Sinners While They Drown?

How to Choose a Bible Translation

Jesus is the Answer to Removing Racism and Hatred from Your Life

Did Fame Distract Jesus from Caring for the Hurting?

Did Jesus Ever Offend Anyone?

The Time Jesus Confronted the Pride of Religious Leaders

The Time Jesus Stopped a Funeral

What if Jesus Wasn't Raised from the Dead?

8 Times in the Bible People Wanted to Kill Jesus

Do You Exalt Jesus as Much as You Should?

Why Does it Matter that Jesus is the Son of David and the Son of Abraham?

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Jesus is the Rock that Gives the Water of Life

The Time Jesus Explained the Scriptures about Himself.

The Promise to Abraham is all about Christ

Jesus is the One Who Delivers the Crushing Blow

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