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Often,as we read Holy Scriptures,we need guidance from those who are

more grounded. My spouse and I joined a church many years ago in order

to learn how to read the Bible correctly. We were eager to learn and we did

our homework intently. In the beginning our questions were easy ones. They gradually got harder to the point where they could no longer answer

them. Then one day we received a letter stating that they were removing our names and we could not be saved..

My wife went and purchased all the study books that I could need to

learn the original Greek and Hebrew. I have hard questions to ask you.Would you be interested? To give you an example of my experience,I

preached in a messianic church about 25years ago. I have studied who is

Yehoshua from the beginning of my conversion. Then I proceeded to

learn to speak to the watchtower in regards of their false belief. I love to

help when possible?

It's easier if you email me ... yeho.lord@gmail.com

This is my #1 interest in LIFE.

Hope to hear from you.


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