Thank you Jamison. Years ago I had some Adventists try to convince me that the Law was eternal and therefore I needed to keep the sabbath. I discovered that they were obsessed with the shadow and not the substance, who is Christ. Perhaps I need to post my findings on this matter from years ago.

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Well explained. We recall Peter saying something (I'm just recalling)

about 'the sin that so easily doth beset us'. Why so easily

when 'grace doth much more abound'?

Would you say 'ALL' our troubles are sin related or are other

things at work?

Some simple examples, we misplace something important,

spend hours looking and when we find it, can't always

remember what we did?

Or, we make a plan with someone but as the time approaches,

we know it won't work. We let down our friend.

Does grace have limits? Or is grace not about daily problems?

Thank you for considering these situations, of which

there are more, even more important.

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