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Important true words. Appreciate all your study, articles, lessons. Continued prayers for your work and your precious family.

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Thank you! Hope you're feeling better!

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Comprised of those LIKE MINDED individuals who worship

the Lord, God, who do not embrace sin like homosexuality, or porn,

who also hate the family.

Paul said what has righteousness to do with unrighteousness?


Church has far too much false doctrine.

I close this topic.

Once off the milk, we are 'in the field'.

Once hearing the mess, it's not necessary to repeat it.

Agape in Christ

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1 John tells the true believers that those who are of aGod are the

only ones that will hear them.

The disciples that were sent two by two were told to confirm

that the Holy Spirit was in the house before entering. The disciples

that the Lord chose had left their family to serve Him. He that

Loves family more than me is not worthy. The Lord showed that

in the tribulation family would turn against each other.in betrayal.

As the Lord was surrounded by a great multiple,his family desired

to speak to Him in order to whisk Him away because they thought that

the Lord was beside Himself. He turned around being told that His

mother wanted to speak to Him and said,my family are those who do

the will of My Father pointing to His disciples,men and women who

followed Him . This is not taught. It's central.

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I would never worship on 'the day of the sun' when the

Bible only teaches Sabbath.

We won't ever agree on this. But I don't agree with all the

'denominations', nor pastors who get their money that way.

Where 2 or more, is good, keep it free of LGBTQ, those with

false doctrine.

Church is eglesia, called OUT.

The Lord taught to hate the family(unbelieving).

We are separated.

Christians are individuals, not groups. Except at the very


Had to comment because this was said authoritatively, which

is untrue.

It's something you do, but never for me.

However, the biggest thing is agape, not condemnation.

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Christians are individuals (1 Corinthians 12:27) who make up the body - or church (Ephesians 1:22-23) - of Christ. Christians need the community of the church. If you'll read what Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 you'll notice how the church is compared to a body - where every member of the body works together. The church, as the Lord has designed it, is vitally important in the spiritual life of the Christians (Hebrews 10:24-25).

I appreciate your comment, I always like to know how other people are thinking about things.

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The church are all those CALLED OUT

out of what?

What is 'the world'?

The Lord has us 'called out' of quasi or unbelieving family

OUT of bad friendships,

OUT of worldly practices like Netflix, like sports which

has nothing to do with 'righteousness', 'holiness',


This is what can be found in 'churches'.

The 'day and the hour' was changed long ago.

The spinning globe brought in.

Christians are CALLED OUT of all that.

I'm just the scriptures, using original often. About every day.

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