I have studied this matter on both sides. The "affirmers" bring out interesting points, but their conclusions are fundamentally wrong. They can quibble over the meaning of μαλακοὶ and ἀρσενοκοῖται in 1 Cor. 6:10 -- the latter appearing to be Paul's combining of ἄρσην and κοίτη from Lev. 20:13 in the Septuagint -- and over anything translated "homosexual". They can claim that consensual monogamous homosexuality didn't exist in Paul's time -- wrong. But they can't undo Exodus 18, although they can dismiss it. It is not Mosaic law per se, although it is found within it, but addressed to all the nations.

That said, I have been and still am involved in a limited outreach to the LGBT communities. I am connected with them in ways not of my choosing, and I do what I can with that. It is slow, difficult work, and I can only count one "success" so far, with some hope remaining for a second. I have walked in "pride" marches with them, hearing vitriol blared at us by "christians" from their megaphones, opposed mainly by apostate 'affirming' churches, and mostly ignored by the rest.

It is difficult to reach out to these communities when they are so accustomed to being accused by others that consider someone else's sin to be so much greater then their own. I am encouraged, however, by the small number of people I know that have come to love and follow Jesus anyway, despite these circumstances (I have no way of knowing how many more there are), and by the occasional pastors that speak out against the sins being committed here on _both_ sides.

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There is a need for us as Christians to continue to call sin "sin" while at the same time offering compassion and kindness to those caught up in sin - any sin. As you have pointed out - this isn't always the case, sadly.

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